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2019 Human Trafficking Private Investigation Training

Each class is 4 hours and there is a total of 7 classes and 28 hours of instruction

Participants may wish to become Private Investigators and some may want to be case managers.  

Who should attend:  Anyone who is interested in private investigation, human trafficking, fraud, missing persons or just has an inquisitive personality.  Some may wish to pursue license or registration as a Private Investigator, some may want to become case managers, and some will just add to their existing skill set.   

Classes begin October 5, 2019  

Call 210-882-2259 to register

Class size limited so register early

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2019 Class List

1. Human Trafficking in the United States, Myths and Laws

2. Grooming and Luring 

3. Cults and Pimp tactics

4. Barriers to Victims' Freedom

5. Engaging Governmental Agencies 

6. Digital DNA - Social Media

7. Expert Witness Testimony and Engaging the Media

Private Investigator Classes -FAQ

Classes begin October 5, 2019

Each class costs $185 per class/per person

Classes begin Oct 5, 2019

The classes may be taken in any order.

We will offer make up classes December 1-7, 2019. Then we will schedule a graduation ceremony for all participants who complete the courses successfully.

Each participant will receive a certificate of completion and accomplishment. 

Those who complete all 7 courses and intern 28 hours on missing cases and /or human trafficking cases combined with the approval of the  Paratus Investigations and Protection Manager, may hang their Private Investigators  license registration with Paratus Investigations and Security.