We have rescued thousands of innocent trafficked victims

from modern day sex and labor slavery. With your help, we can rescue them all. Here is how you can make that so today.

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About Dottie


Dottie Laster triggered the largest rescue of human trafficking victims in America.

In 2005, Dottie triggered the largest rescue of human trafficking victims in American history. Since that rescue she has led task forces and disrupted human trafficking organizations across the U.S. Her actions have resulted in the of saving  thousands of lives and caused at least 66 traffickers to be incarcerated.


Expert Testimoney, public speaking and consultation

Dottie being interviewed and consulting for the Texas Tribune about cold cases.


You can make America free from human trafficking and safe for its victims.

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"Dottie is a national hero being responsible for the recovery of many young girls."

Michael Taubman

Retired FBI Special Agent in Charge, host of Crimes and Times, and author of Bad Intent


William Mintz, National Geographic Explorer Producer/Director

I had the intense experience of being undercover and in the field with Dottie. Without her direction and vast bravery (and compassion) we would not have been able to rescue a teen forced into sexual exploitation. Dottie kept focused through the chaos of an angry pimp, police and first responders, all triggered in perfect timing by Dottie's leadership. 

Downloadable tools

Here are some tools to help you identify grooming and help you document your child's internet activities.

If your teen or young adult is experiencing changes in behavior see the Grooming Doc. If your child has more than 4 indicators on the grooming doc  been sneaking out or gone missing for any period of time see the Digital DNA 1.5.

Digital DNA 1.5 (pdf)


Grooming Doc 2019 (pdf)


Red Flag Card

This is a short list of indicators of human trafficking. If more than four indicators are identified, a further investigation into human trafficking should be conducted.

This card may be used by organizations for their efforts to combat human trafficking. One side is blank so it can be filled with the organization's information. This is a tool that is free to be printed used and shared. Please credit Dottie Laster, TraffickingVictimsRescueCentral.org.

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